Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to the client for our services?
There is no charge from CKM Purchasing Consultants to our client.


How does CKM make their revenue?
CKM operate on a rebate, based on turnover with our nominated suppliers.


How long before I see savings?
Savings will be realised as soon as the contract prices are put in place & ordering commences with the nominated supplier.


How can CKM Purchasing Consultants procure more competitive prices?
Size Matters! Our prices are based on accumulated turnover volume. The larger the volume, the better the price.  The more turnover we bring to the table the better price we secure year on year.


Are the prices fixed?
CKM negotiate prices for a 12 month contract period with the majority of our suppliers. These prices remain fixed subject to an extraordinary change in the market place.

Due to seasonality such as fruit & veg, we contract for shorter periods in order to secure the most competitive price year round.


How does CKM Purchasing Consultants operate?
1. CKM will carry out an analysis of your accumulated purchasing statistics for the previous 6 to 12 months.
2. We review recent hard copy invoices.
3. We compare the client’s current prices to the price we have on CKM’s file for same brand and alternative brand products.
4. We compile a projected savings report based on our analysis.
5. We carry out a review and make recommendations on where the client can purchase more prudently to achieve further savings.
6. Following presenting our findings and recommendations to the client, we implement a transparent structured purchasing system including customized order forms.


Will it take up much of my time?
By using CKM’s services you will SAVE a lot of time as we structure your purchasing. Initially, we will meet with the client to explain our services and discuss the client’s individual requirements.  We then work in the background analysing your purchasing statistics along with copies of recent invoices. Upon completion, we meet the client again to present our findings and discuss our recommendations.


Do I have to sign a contract with CKM?
No CKM do not operate on a contract basis. Our clients can cease using our service at any time. However, we do ask our clients to sign a terms of engagement for confidentiality purposes.


Can I choose the areas I would like CKM to review?
Yes, we are happy to look at one or all areas of your purchasing.


Do I have to use all of CKM suppliers or can I keep my own suppliers?
We operate on an ‘A la carte’ basis. We understand that clients may have loyalties to certain suppliers and may not wish to change. Our clients can choose the areas of purchasing that they wish us to review and keep their existing supplier in other areas.


How does CKM monitor the supplier and pricing?
When we set up a client with a nominated supplier, we carry out an audit after month one to ensure we have captured all of the relevant information and thereafter on a three monthly basis. We ensure that contract prices transfer to invoice accordingly. If credits are due to the client for that period, we follow up with the supplier. We are available should the client have a query or require assistance at all times.

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