Our People

CKM Purchasing Consultants was set up in 2013, a family run business by Carmel Murtagh & Kim Connolly, mother and daughter team.

Carmel was a Director of Connolly Food Services Ltd, Catering Wholesale Company for over 20 years, and has an adept knowledge of the retail and food service wholesale industry and related products.

Having grown up in the Catering & Wholesale Industry, Kim studied Digital Marketing and worked in Hotels for over 8 years to gain much valued experience in Front Office, Sales & Marketing and Reservations & Revenue Management.

Having sold the business of Connolly Foods Services in 2007, we saw a niche in the marketplace, where independent businesses did not enjoy the same buying power as many of their larger competitors. An opportunity where we could work alongside businesses & merge their turnover in order to secure more competitive prices, enabling the smaller businesses to buy smarter, save money and ultimately increase their profits. CKM Purchasing Consultants was set up in 2013 with that aim in mind.

Finding time to compare prices, check invoices and consistently manage buying is a challenge when working in a busy environment, and is one of the reason that purchasing can become unstructured. Last minute purchasing lends to premium prices.

CKM Purchasing Consultants take the pressure off the owners, managers and chefs in order to allow them to spend their time in a more productive area of the business, whether it be working in their fresh home grown produce or in the kitchen developing innovative & exciting new menus to entice their customers, or simply managing the business more efficiently.

We analyse your purchasing and introduce a simple but effective purchasing system in order to keep purchasing structured.

We audit the purchasing statistic for each supplier we put in place on a three monthly basis ensuring that contract prices transfer to invoice accordingly. If credits are due to the client for that period, we follow up with the supplier. We notify the client of any anomalies that may arise enabling them to tighten up their purchasing.

CKM clients can have peace of mind that their purchasing is under control at all times.

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